Position Available

We are always eager for students who work hard and love scientific research to join our laboratory to study for a master's or doctoral degree. If you are a person full of scientific passion, having creative and cooperative spirits, and you are looking for a career to explore your ability, please contact us.

We sincerely recruit several talent scientists for post doctorate positions. If you are looking for a career to explore your ability, contact us freely.


Safe: Safety is always the most important thing including people, lab, and research. In an emergency, people are the first to be considered. Familiar with the manual before you operate an equipment. Keep your research safe.

Warm-hearted: Warm-hearted is needed for this warm home, treat others as your family members, let everyone here feel warm.

Enthusiasm: To be a successful researcher, enthusiasm is necessary. Creative thinking and hard working with enthusiasm. Look the research as your lovely career.

Efficient: Without efficient, enthusiasm could get nothing. Set up long-term and short-term goals for yourself, plan your months, weeks and days very carefully, set yourself deadlines and try to keep them. Do not spend too much time on nothing, no pains no gains. 

Team-spirit: To make your research and career bigger, team-spirit will be a good bridge for you. Try to collaborate with others and contribute your effort as much as possible, do not care too much your current rewards, look ahead. Asking help from others also belongs to team-spirit.

Honest: To be honest is the basic requirement for a scientist. Be honest to yourself and the researches. NEVER NEVER cheat, including plagiarism, fabrication and multiple publication.

Open: Open-minded will make your career wider. Read the literature, attend conference or workshop, discuss with others, ask for comments and accept any reasonable criticism.

Modesty: Modest makes you progressive. Everyone is an expert in a particular area, try to learn as much as possible.

Enjoy: Enjoy your life and research. Good habit makes success, attitude shapes the future. Confident, never give up yourself. Have peaceful and happy time each day in this home.